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Unison vocal ensemble VOCALISA Dresden was founded by Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch in 2002, was part of the JugendKunstschule Dresden (Dresden Youth & Art School, JKS) from 2007, and has been affiliated with the City of Dresden’s independent Heinrich Schütz Konservatorium since 2018. Most of its members are former singers from the Dresden Girls’ Choir, who continue to enjoy singing together.

The young women have already sung at events such as the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival), at Dresden’s Frauenkirche, and in Leipzig’s Gewandhaus. And its calendar also features a number of charity and benefit concerts. VOCALISA Dresden has undertaken concert and exchange trips well beyond Germany’s borders – to the USA, Canada, Korea, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

At the 13th International Advent and Christmas Music Competition (2003) in Prague, the ensemble was awarded the ‘Silver Ribbon’. The Töne mein Gesang CD was released in 2010.

Since its 10th anniversary, VOCALISA Dresden has maintained active contact with the Potsdamer Vokalistinnen, with the two ensembles joining voices for the 2014 Dresdner Schlössernacht. The choir, whose extensive repertoire ranges from pieces by the Old Masters to contemporary compositions, provided additional musical highlights as part of the 50th anniversary concert for the Dresden Girls’ Choir at the JKS (2015).

In June 2016, it participated in the Ostsächsischer Chorwettbewerb (East Saxon Choral Competition) run by the Saxon Choral Association, where it was awarded a ‘Goldenes Diplom’ and the special prize for best interpretation of a German folk song.

Choral conductor: Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-46

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