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Examinations and funding


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In accordance with the syllabus specified by the German association of music colleges (Verband deutscher Musikschulen, VdM), lessons at the HSKD are split into the following levels:

• Basic level/Elementary level (e.g. early musical education)
• Lower levels I and II
• Intermediate levels I and II
• Upper level

All levels from lower level I onwards may be completed by taking an examination. The final examinations from intermediate level I onwards require attending a music-theory class.

> Download the HSKD examination regulations (PDF, german)

Funding options

a) Internal funding
After passing an examination (from lower level I onwards), particularly gifted students are given the opportunity to take funded HSKD extension classes, which involve mandatory participation in an HSKD ensemble or orchestra, and sitting an annual examination. Students not receiving funded extension classes can choose whether or not to take examinations.

b) State-government funding
Particularly gifted music students in Saxony receive financial support based on the ‘Saxon State Ministry for Science and Art (SMWK) directive regarding promoting the work of music colleges and providing grants to boost cultural education in Saxony’ from 13/11/2013, as amended on 17/4/2018. Content and organisational aspects are taken care of by the Verband deutscher Musikschulen, Landesverband Sachsen e. V. (Saxon branch of the VdM, LVdM) on behalf of the SMWK.

Students aged ten and over can generally apply for admission to the funded extension classes. They also need to have reached at least intermediate level in their training. The funding is provided for one school year, and sees the weekly private class taken in the student’s main subject extended to 90 minutes. One weekly class in music studies/aural training/music history or ensemble-playing (choir, chamber music, orchestra) is compulsory.

Further information:
> Regulations for gifted-student recitals for the 2019/2020 school year (PDF, german)

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