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Dresdner Mädchenchor (Dresden Girls’ Choir)


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Dresdner Mädchenchor (Dresden Girls’ Choir)

The girls’ choir has been part of our ensemble division since the 2018/19 school year. The present-day Dresden Girls’ Choir was founded by Manfred Winter as a children’s and youth concert choir (for boys and girls) in 1965, and continued to be very successfully led by Winter until 1989, before he handed over the reins to Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch, who developed it into a choir purely for girls.

She organised concert tours and joint concerts with choirs, orchestras and soloists from the USA, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The choir also participated in the Deutsches Chorfest (German Choir Festival) on two occasions under her direction: Once in Bremen and once in Frankfurt. Furthermore, the girls sang at the consecration of the Frauenkirche ten years ago, and have performed at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival), Leipzig’s Gewandhaus, and the Dresdner Schlössernacht. Structured under the umbrella of the Jugendkunstschule Dresden (Dresden Youth & Art School), the singers maintain close contact with Hamburg’s and Munich’s girls’ choirs, as well as those in Dresden’s sister city of Coventry.

Television, radio and CD productions over the last 50 years have made the choir famous beyond Dresden’s borders. In 2008, it was nominated for the Robert-Edler-Preis, and later also ventured into theatre, creating compositions for Und oben schwimmt die Sonne davon (2006), Der lyrische Bissen (2011), and the musical comedy Dresdner Barockgeflüster (2008).

Choral conductor: Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-46
Rehearsal venue: HSKD (Glacisstr. 30/32) and Kraftwerk Mitte, Lichtwerk 22

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