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HSKD choirs

Knabenchor Dresden (Dresden Boys’ Choir)

Photographer: Michael Schmidt
Photographer: Michael Schmidt

With its distinct, charming sound, the Dresden Boys’ Choir has been enriching Saxony’s great choir tradition since 1971, making it one of Germany’s newer boys’ choirs. It was founded in 1971 by Manfred Winter, who successfully conducted it until 1998.

Matthias Jung took over in 1998, the same year the Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium e. V. association became patron. The HSKD became an independent company in 2018, and the Dresden Boys’ Choir is a permanent fixture in its musical offering.

The choir today comprises some 100 boys and young men aged 5 to 35, who sing in different choir groups. The repertoire ranges from 16th-century spiritual and secular vocal music to modern-day easy listening, though it regularly also features major orchestra-accompanying choral works.

The choir performs concert tours in various regions of Germany and Europe, such as Austria, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

It maintains close contact with boys’ and youth choirs within Germany and abroad.

The Dresden Boys’ Choir has been invited to renowned music festivals on a number of occasions, including the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival) and the MDR-Musiksommer.

Choir soloists also feature in opera performances, such as most recently in productions put on by the Staatsoperette Dresden and the Carl Maria von Weber College of Music.

The Dresden Boys’ Choir is a member of the German Concert Choirs Association (Verband Deutscher Konzertchöre).

Choral conductor: Matthias Jung
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-46
Rehearsal venue: ‘An der Loge’ choir, dance and orchestral centre, Bautzner Strasse 19

Sonic Blue

Foto: Peter Fritzsche
Foto: Peter Fritzsche

The Jazz and Pop Choir of the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory Dresden was founded in April 1999 under the name "Conference Of Swing" and renamed "Sonic Blue" on 1 September 2021.

At present our choir consists of over 30 ladies and gentlemen who are enthusiastic about singing. Under the direction of Sabine Helmbold we sing international jazz choir literature as well as pop, soul and gospel music in ambitious arrangements. Original compositions by Sabine Helmbold are also part of our repertoire.

Our programme is mainly performed a cappella in four to six voices, some of which may also be accompanied by a rhythm section.
In addition to our weekly joint rehearsal, there are register rehearsals and other rehearsals in preparation for concerts, as well as at least one choir weekend per year.

We regularly take part in regional choir competitions with very good success and have already been able to win some promotional prizes.

Our autumn tour to the north of Germany in 2019 and our anniversary concert on the occasion of our 20th anniversary were great experiences, as was the severe pandemic period when all choir activities had to be moved to virtual space.

Choir director: Sabine Helmbold
Contact (student office): (0351) 8 28 26-46
Rehearsal venue: Choir, Dance and Orchestra Centre "An der Loge", Bautzner Straße 19

dresdner motettenchor

Consisting of some 30 singers, the chamber choir was founded in 1996, making it a still very new ensemble. It has been led by Matthias Jung since 1998. The choir is dedicated to singing vocal music from various eras and genres, from the 16th century to the present. It particularly enjoys performing rarer sounding piece.

Its skill and inspiring repertoire have seen the dresdner motettenchor establish itself on the concert scene both within Dresden and beyond. It has won several prizes in national and international competitions, performed at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival), the
Internationale Heinrich-Schütz-Tage festival, and Leipzig’s Bachfest, and also teamed up with the Sächsisches Vocalensemble, the Neue Elbland Philharmonie, and the Virtuosi Saxoniae led by Ludwig Güttler. In 2003, the choir released a CD featuring premiere recording of the complete series of Advent and Christmas song arrangements by Günter Raphael.

Choral conductor: Matthias Jung
Student Affairs Office: (0351) 8 28 26 46
Rehearsal venue: ‘An der Loge’ choir, dance and orchestral centre, Bautzner Strasse 19

Dresdner Mädchenchor (Dresden Girls’ Choir)

Foto: Katharina Fritze
Foto: Katharina Fritze

The girls’ choir has been part of our ensemble division since the 2018/19 school year. The present-day Dresden Girls’ Choir was founded by Manfred Winter as a children’s and youth concert choir (for boys and girls) in 1965, and continued to be very successfully led by Winter until 1989, before he handed over the reins to Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch, who developed it into a choir purely for girls.

She organised concert tours and joint concerts with choirs, orchestras and soloists from the USA, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The choir also participated in the Deutsches Chorfest (German Choir Festival) on two occasions under her direction: Once in Bremen and once in Frankfurt. Furthermore, the girls sang at the consecration of the Frauenkirche ten years ago, and have performed at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival), Leipzig’s Gewandhaus, and the Dresdner Schlössernacht. Structured under the umbrella of the Jugendkunstschule Dresden (Dresden Youth & Art School), the singers maintain close contact with Hamburg’s and Munich’s girls’ choirs, as well as those in Dresden’s sister city of Coventry.

Television, radio and CD productions over the last 50 years have made the choir famous beyond Dresden’s borders. In 2008, it was nominated for the Robert-Edler-Preis, and later also ventured into theatre, creating compositions for Und oben schwimmt die Sonne davon (2006), Der lyrische Bissen (2011), and the musical comedy Dresdner Barockgeflüster (2008).

Choral conductor: Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-46
Rehearsal venue: HSKD (Glacisstr. 30/32) and Kraftwerk Mitte, Lichtwerk 22


Foto: Katharina Fritze
Foto: Katharina Fritze

Unison vocal ensemble VOCALISA Dresden was founded by Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch in 2002, was part of the JugendKunstschule Dresden (Dresden Youth & Art School, JKS) from 2007, and has been affiliated with the City of Dresden’s independent Heinrich Schütz Konservatorium since 2018. Most of its members are former singers from the Dresden Girls’ Choir, who continue to enjoy singing together.

The young women have already sung at events such as the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival), at Dresden’s Frauenkirche, and in Leipzig’s Gewandhaus. And its calendar also features a number of charity and benefit concerts. VOCALISA Dresden has undertaken concert and exchange trips well beyond Germany’s borders – to the USA, Canada, Korea, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

At the 13th International Advent and Christmas Music Competition (2003) in Prague, the ensemble was awarded the ‘Silver Ribbon’. The Töne mein Gesang CD was released in 2010.

Since its 10th anniversary, VOCALISA Dresden has maintained active contact with the Potsdamer Vokalistinnen, with the two ensembles joining voices for the 2014 Dresdner Schlössernacht. The choir, whose extensive repertoire ranges from pieces by the Old Masters to contemporary compositions, provided additional musical highlights as part of the 50th anniversary concert for the Dresden Girls’ Choir at the JKS (2015).

In June 2016, it participated in the Ostsächsischer Chorwettbewerb (East Saxon Choral Competition) run by the Saxon Choral Association, where it was awarded a ‘Goldenes Diplom’ and the special prize for best interpretation of a German folk song.

Choral conductor: Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-46

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