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The members of our ‘Juniorbigband’ are primarily young people aged 9 to 14, as well as those preparing for our ‘Bigband’. We are particularly looking for more brass players (trombones/trumpets/tenor or baritone saxophone). We play whatever the young musicians like – from pop music to jazz.

Conductor: Andreas Reuter
We rehearse every Wednesday 4pm-5.15pm at the Kraftwerk Mitte, Room 206

Interested young people are more than welcome.

‘Tuesday Groove’

‘Tuesday Groove’ is a band for all instrumentalists wanting to take their first steps in jazz, blues, and various other jazz-related genres, and get to know new sounds and playing styles. Improvisation also plays a very important role here.

Conductor: Tilman Droste
The band rehearses every Tuesday 5pm-5.45pm in Room 206 at the Kraftwerk Mitte.

‘Rhythmusgruppe am Mi’

This ensemble is aimed predominantly at pianists, percussionists, guitarists, and bassists who have already mastered the basics of their instrument. Our main priority is to enable them to confidently accompany various soloists (e.g. singers or brass players) in various popular styles, such as jazz, blues, rock, pop, and funk. Improvisation also plays a key role here.

Conductor: Tilman Droste
Rehearsals are held every Wednesday 7pm-8pm Glacisstrasse 30/32, Room B 0.8 (ground floor)

Happy Drummers

The ‘Happy Drummers’ are a group of young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, who are all committed to drumming. They use all kinds of drums, percussion instruments, and even everyday items, drumming with their hands, sticks, and mallets. Rehearsals are held weekly at the INPUNCTO workshops run by Lebenshilfe Dresden e. V. The emphasis is not so much on authentic style when interpreting the pieces (which are a mix of rhythmic arrangements and improvisation); it’s all about the grooving!

Led by Holger Schanze, a percussion teacher at the HSKD, the co-operative project run by the Heinrich Schütz Konservatorium Dresden and Lebenshilfe Dresden e. V. has been enriching the music college’s offerings since 2003.

Ensemble conductor: Holger Schanze
Contact (Student Affairs Office): (0351) 8 28 26-45
Rehearsals are held at the Inpuncto workshops run by the Lebenshilfe Dresden e. V.

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